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Thread: Adjust Temperature on a Delta Hot Tub Faucet 1400 Series

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    Default Adjust Temperature on a Delta Hot Tub Faucet 1400 Series

    What do I need to do to adjust the water temperature on this type of hot tub faucet? Right now, the temperature is lukewarm and I need it to be warmer.

    Please help.


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    Go to this site it explains the whole thing.


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    Basically, all new shower valves have a temperature limiting adjustment...it could be a screw, or a bracket or something. It's usually fairly easy to figure out once you get the eschuthion off. the hassle with these is that for safety, between winter and summer, the incoming cold water can vary quite a bit, and if adjusted in the winter, you could get it too hot in the summer and scald a young or old person (whose skin is thinner). that's one reason why I prefer a thermostatically controlled valve over a (minimum requirements) pressure balance and limit stop version.
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