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Thread: Easiest way to replace leaking PVC T fitting?

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    Default Easiest way to replace leaking PVC T fitting?

    Have a leaking PVC T fitting behind wall going into sink. Pipes into T fitting are short, I believe 3/4" PVC. What is the easiest way to replace the leaking PVC T fitting ? Or is there another way to go with this problem ? Thank you all for info and advice !

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    3/4" suggests supply side plumbing.
    Therefore I would hope that it is CPVC not PVC.
    I would cut it out and glue in another.

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    You have to cut it out, but that will likely leave you with three pipes too short to use a new fitting of the same type. Options are adding lengths to the three (cut back a few inches from the fitting, if possible), or possibly using a Sharkbite. Its somewhat larger size could possibly make up the lost pipe length.

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    Default leak

    You cannot "fix" the leak so you have to cut the fitting out and replace it. It is not likely to be PVC, so you have to know exactly what material it is. Replacing the fitting can be easy, difficult, or impossible depending on the situation, but we cannot see it.


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