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Thread: Septic cleanout

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    Default Septic cleanout

    I have a need to put a septic cleanout in the yard. The real reason is the occassional dumping of the travel trailer tanks. Spoke with the inspector. He said I could not put in a connector to dump, but he would not have a problem with a cleanout. Use it however I needed to.

    So I dig down and use a snap cutter on the cast iron. Install a wye using Mission no-hub's. Should I put gravel around this before replacing the dirt? On the ground surface I intend to use one of those boxes with the lid so I will not have a problem with the mower. Have I left anything out?

    Thanks for the input

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    Default dump

    If you are going to do that, do not use the blue additive for the trailer's storage tank, or you will "destroy" your septic tank.

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    Don't use the stuff. I use a natural product similar to what I send into the septic periodically. I do not know why some have all the fuss over their black and gray tanks. I treat it like my septic, keep water in the traps and toilet and we have no odors. I watch what passes when I dump and it is similar to what I have seen others dump that are heavy with chemicals. So why spend all the extra $$$. Besides the chemicals would go into someone else's septic. Why would I want to do that?

    County tried to strong arm everyone around me to put in sewer about 10 years ago. Most paid out the $$ and complied. In fact some are just now paying it off. I was told if I need any major repairs they will condem my septic and force me to go to sewer. So I take care of it. Wash water is recycled to the gardens. Only thing down the chute is what needs to go down.

    To go from where I park the trailer to where I will need to place the cleanout means I will need to use one of those macerator type of hoses. All the better I think. It might help that #2 is off limits to the males of the family. unless it is a dire emergency! Now that would be a totally different situation.

    With that all said do you think the installation is correct?


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