6 months ago the sprinkler system in my back yard worked great.
There are 4 stations with 3-4 sprinklers on each, some impact some pop up.

Recently the lawn was fading & I went to inspect.

When running on the automatic system (from the controller) water comes out, but the pressure to the heads isnt even enough to get the impact heads to hit & flip into rotating.

When trouble shooting though I used them manually (by turning that small little knob on the valves). Manually they flow GREAT. strong & vigorous.

There is no visible valve damage.
I understand you lose pressure through an auto system, but my drop off has to be at least 40%.

Any suggestions on what I can do? I have a incoming water pressure regulator & I have that maxed out & do not want to overdo it & blow my in house valves.

This was not a problem 6 months ago. The auto system ran like the manual in terms of strength.
My confusion is in the difference between auto & manual as stated above.

HELP. Wife is about to leave me for a man with a better lawn!