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Thread: Peroxide experts?

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    Default Peroxide experts?

    I need the hydrogen peroxide experts. I am swithching to peroxide from chlorine. The people that live in my area (Rural Northern il) have had great sucess with it and I am not wild about the chlorine. My question is about contact time. I know of several people that switched from chorine to peroxide and when they had it done the water expert removed there retention tanks because "they are not needed" with peroxide. I have sampled the two homes that I am talking about and they both have great water. I allready have two 80 gal. tanks for the chlorine system should I get rid of them or use them. I would prefer to get rid of them and add an organic trap/water softener and it would help with space. What do you think?? I am using centaur carbon after the peroxide (injected into a static mixer). What amount of peroxide do I need in the water? My sulpher is 6ppm. I have read 15 to 25 ppm on the peroxide. Can I test after the carbon filter or will that scew the result?

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    Here may be some good reading. Number two is one of your old post. I thought I would throw it in there too.

    peroxide 1

    Peroxide 2

    Peroxide 3

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    Thanks allready read them all. Not talking about "shocking" more along the lines of dosing.

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    Thank you Andy
    Do you think I could get away with one 80 gal tank instead ot two tanks? I would like to add a softener and it would make for a smaller footprint install. I am using a stenner pump and I am going to install a flow switch so I can change the outside hose bibs to untreated water. The static mixer is an inline one. I am a little confused about 1ppm before te carbon tank. If I have 6ppm of sulpher wouldnt I need 6ppm of peroxide? I am buying 35% and diluting it with distilled water. I will drain my house but is there a danger with chlorine and peroxide?


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