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    Iam doing some minor remodeling in a bathroom of my 1903 house. I would like to move the toilet about 1 foot, but there is what I beleive to be lead pipe coming up to the floor. Is there a way to cut that pipe and attach ABS to it in a secure fashion so that I move the toilet with out having to replace the pipe to where it become cast iron? ( i cant tell how far the lead pipe goes, it may only be a foot or two) also, what is the way to plug lead drain pipes that will no longer be used due to moving other fixtures around in the bathroom?


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    Replacing the lead bend for the toilet is doable.

    I use a hand drill and drill out most of the lead.
    I can pry out the rest of the lead with a screwdriver.

    When the hub is clean, a fernco seal can be used inside the hub and new pipe shoved in.
    Some like hj use cast iron pipe and fittings,
    and other like me use ABS pipe and fittings.
    Different styles that work.


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