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Thread: Drop in tub in alcove

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    Default Drop in tub in alcove

    First time post, long time lurker. I'm currently working on my second bath remodel and looking for some information on the possibility of using a drop in tub in an alcove. I've searched the forums and found only little scraps of info on this.

    My main goal is to tile my own apron instead of settling for an ugly apron thats built into a tub. I don't know what it is I just don't like them.. seem very 1950's to me. And I just got done with a huge tile job in the other bathroom and now have some confidence.

    I have about a $500 price cap for the tub, and I can't seem to find anything that fits the bill. I know Kohler makes a few tubs that are drop-ins with file flanges (Hourglass) is one, but it is really expensive ($700).

    I really like the look of the Archer, there is a drop in at orange box for about $300, but it doesn't have the tiling flange. Kohler sells a universal flange but on their website they don't recommend using it with the Archer. I've looked at the schematics for the Archer tub and I can't see any indication of a negatively sloped deck on it (the reason why people don't recommend drop-in tubs in alcoves), so I'm wondering why they don't recommend the tile flange on this tub? Maybe just a money making thing?

    Maybe I should just drop this idea but I was hoping someone here might have a miracle suggestion!


    Here are some pics of my 1st floor bath:

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