I am renovating a bath in a 30 yr old house. There is a cast iron tub that is in pretty good condition. I have the bath stripped to the studs and was checking plumb, level, etc. on the surrounding walls. I will be tiling around the tub. When checking the level of the tub, it seems to be relatively level from end to end, but is out of level 3/4" from side to side ( in other words it slopes 3/4" down from the wall side to the near side). This seems pretty excessive to me. The floor joists are not perfectly level from the underside, but nothing like this 3/4" in a span of about 30".

Which brings me to the other question. I am completely renovating this bath. Should I just replace the tub to upgrade the tub area also. It also bothers me that there is no "tile flange" on this cast iron tub, just a small ridge around the edge.

The last question is...If I replace the tub, what is the best type to replace with? Cast iron, acrylic, Vikrell, etc.

Tahnks for any help you can give me.