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Thread: New Plumbing for Front Load Washer

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    Default New Plumbing for Front Load Washer

    I am installing a new front load washer in a converted bathroom to laundry room. Location is on the first floor above the garage. I am planning on installing a floor drain and watts auto shutoff valve.

    My question is related to the dwv (2") plumbing inside the wall connected to the wall box.

    1) Is there a minimum height (or range of heights) to the top of the stack/drain pipe into the wall box? I'd like to place the box around 30" from the floor due to a window location.

    2) Is a separate trap required inside the wall?

    3) If so, are there height limits/range for its placement.

    Thanks in advance!

    ~ Scott
    Cincinnati, OH

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    Default washer

    The top of the standpipe has to be higher than the water's level inside the machine when it is set for the maximum load. EVERY drain needs a trap whether it is inside the wall or outside, but you can only have ONE trap on the drain line.

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    Under CA code ( UPC ) the top of the standpipe must be 18" minimum, 30" maximum above the floor. Absolutely must a trap on the standpipd...but only one!

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    Thanks for the quick answers.

    For clarify, I need a trap for the washer drain/stack, but it should not connect into another trap (i.e. the piping after the trap must be tied in directly to the main).


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    It should also be 2" under most codes and pitch at 1/4" per foot minimum.


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