We bought some property in North West Arkansas a couple of years ago that had an old well house located about 250' from the house. When county water came into the area about 20 years ago the owner stopped using it and the roof fell into disrepair. There was a lot of styrofoam insulation in the roof and it seems that over the years it has gone down the well hole. I was able to pull the pump out and want to replace it and get this thing going again for our garden and swimming pool. The well is only 50' deep but I am concerned about the styrofoam that may be left down there. Would it be possible to use the county water to fill the hole and flush it out or would this do more harm than good? Is there anything else that I could try? I guess that the casing goes down about 30' because that is where it got hung up on the way up the pipe, after I plowed through the styrofoam it came right out.

Thanks for your help.