I cannot tell you how many times I have seen the company with a long and excellent reputation and excellent products sold out to someone whose idea of "how to succeed in making more money" is to cheapen the product in some fashion. SLOAN VALVE has been a business to be proud of for a long, long, long time. In fifty years, I have seen good performance for their products. The same was true for Gerber before it was sold to some outfit from China. Their toilet is NOT a Gerber and its pressure tank system is NOT a SLOAN, no matter what it says on the box. I will not buy a toilet from any company which, itself, is not at least twenty-five years old and which has a "tried and true" product line. Wake up American Business. Off-shore sourcing is NOT the way to go unless you are a "fast buck artist" and plan to get lots of $ for 3-5 years and then leave.