I have a 6" well casing, 18' deep in the middle of my back yard (no pump, no pipes, no nothing, just a casing with a plastic irrigation cover). With the price of city water, I have decided to install a pump and pressure tank for sprinkler and irrigation use. For aesthetics and safety, can I place a shallow jet pump 50' from the well at the side of my house and have nearly the same production as if the pump was directly over the well?

Additional information:
No pump yet. Any suggestions?
Used wx203 pressure tank.
Current sprinkler system has 4 watering zones, with no more than 5 Rain Bird1800 spray heads attached, using 3/4" pvc pipe.
Water level is 6' down. When pumped for over 4 hours with garden hose and 1/2 horse irrigation pump, water level only dropped 2 feet. Returned to original height within 30 mins.
Would a CSV be advisable?