I've got a 1250 sq foot 50's ranch (Seattle) with a 35+ year old elec. forced air furnace. I'm looking to replace/upgrade and am curious about the new ductless heat pumps on the market. Seattle has a pretty good rebate right now, so I am considering it. Does anyone have experience w/this new heat system? I'm concerned about the few really cold days per year--how well will the heat pump handle that, and the visual un-appeal of having the unit hang on a living room wall. Also concerned about uneven air distribution. I'm also considering gas, but I would have to run a gas line from the nearest corner @ a cost of about 4-5K, which makes that option is a serious investment once I add the cost of furnace, fireplace, etc. I expect to be in the house about 10 more years. Also any comments on re-sale--one system over the other--is appreciated.