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Thread: Gravity Feed System in Chile

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    Question Gravity Feed System in Chile

    I have a ranch in Patagonia, Chile. There is a very good spring producing about 10 - 15 gal/min which is 127 ft higher than the ranch house which is 8,000 feet from the spring. At that point I want to tee off to another site which is 30 feet lower with a run of 5,000 ft. I was planning on using 2" poly pipe. Will I have any pressure at either of the ends, flow?? I was planning on building a catch basin about three feet deep at the source with a cover and a filter. Can you direct me to a plan on how to best construct it, size?

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    Doing some quick figuring, you would have 50 lbs of pressure being 27 feet lower using 2" poly pipe. Then since your going 8000 feet, you will lose 30 psi at ten gallons per minute (that number gets smaller with less water usage) leaving you with 20 psi. If you go with larger pipe the friction loss will be less. The house below the first place will have even more loss if simply tee'd off. If you put in a catch basin to catch the water then sent it down, it would be much better.



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