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Thread: Replacing old metal basement windows

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    One quick thought.

    Should I go with hoppers for the basement or sliders? Windows measure 32" wide by 18" high.

    I have just had a salesman round to get a quote (just to see about the cost of getting this done pro). Big mistake not just because the price was too high (4000-5000 dollars). He wouldn't leave after 2 hours and asked to use my home phone. When I said he couldn't, we needed to think about the quote and insisted he left because it was getting late (9pm!!!), he started swearing and going crazy saying he wouldn't get paid and I'd wasted an hour of his time without even letting him make a phone call (he had a cell phone in his hand). Really scared the wife. He then sat outside in his car for 15 minutes. I then had to call the police.

    His arse is mine when I phone his company tomorrow. There are some real nutters out there, particularly in these hard times.

    In my home country he would have left with a broken nose.

    Another reason to DIY. Even local firms that are bonded and insured are on my not list now. But perhaps this firm is not local and just appears to be....
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