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Thread: Shower Leaks into basement

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    Default Shower Leaks into basement

    My shower leaks into the basement when I activate the diverter valve . I have run water into the tub and it does not leak at all. However when I turn the pull the diverter valve to activate the shower, I notice a steady dribble, not a stream coming into the basement. So my question would be where to start? Is it the shower head, diverter valve or something else. All the flanges and opening are solid and secured with silicon caulk. I have not yet taken an " inside look " as there is'nt an access panel. During a full shower, I would say that is leaks about 3-4 cups of water, so its not much. Any help on how to tackle this would be great.


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    The leak could be at the tub spout connection, or the shower head connection. Get out a flashlight and remove the shower head and trim.


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