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Thread: Pilot light won't always stay on. Replaced 1x. Lights 1 day not the next?

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    Question Pilot light won't always stay on. Replaced 1x. Lights 1 day not the next?

    I have a new 40 gal., nat. gas AO Smith water heater. The pilot light would not stay lit so I replaced the thermocouple. Lit the first time. Goes out after 1 tank heated up. I could not relight until the next day. Once again, relit for 1 tankful only. Now will not light again. Position in pilot flame looks good. No blockage in pilot line. Pilot flame blue and steady. What next? Thanks

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    That brand is trouble. If you bought a thermocouple at blue or orange, it may not be correct for that model. The other issue is supply of combustion air...is the WH located in a closet or a small room??

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    Default Water heater

    It could be the FVIR system, but they usally have to be reset if it is activated. Otherwise, there is no reason why it could not be relit immediately if it were a thermocouple problem, other than if it were getting too hot and had to cool down longer before it would work again. How new is it? If under warranty and you cannot diagnose the problem call AO Smith and have a factory warranty company check it out.

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    Default Bot new T couple at orange. I'll go to a pluming supply

    Air supply is good. moved the end of the TC around in case it was not directly in the flame. No help. Hard to see while in opperation. Still under warranty. I'll call AO for warrenty if the 2nd new TC does not help. (The wife is about to blow a gasket)

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    Default Second TC no good either. Arrrrrgh!

    Went to local supply. Got a Honneywell. No luck. That's about all I know how to do.

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    Default Gave it one last shot and it lit!!!!!!!

    Don't like the color of the flame though. Should there be any yellow?
    Let's see if it stays lit after the tank gets heated up.

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    Default Went out again after it heated the tank

    Any thoughts?

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    Is it the model with the reset button on the door? how old is the heater. were is it located? possible lint clogging the flame arrestor.

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