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Thread: Sewer Smell in Bathroom When it Rains

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    Default Sewer Smell in Bathroom When it Rains

    Everytime it rains, we get a very strong sewer smell in our downstairs bathroom. What can I do to fix this problem? Any ideas as to why this happens when it rains? Any suggestions on how to fix this problem would greatly be appreciated. Thank you!

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    More info please...... Public sewer system? Septic system? How much rain...

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    Default More Information

    We are on a public sewer system. Our home is 4 months old and we've had this same problem ever since we moved in. Both the builder and plumbing subcontractor say they can't do anything about the problem. It doesn't take much rain....a normal florida afternoon rain shower will trigger the smell. After several hours, the smell is less noticable. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Downstairs bathroom above or below grade?


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    Default downstairs bath

    downstairs bath above grade.

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    Personally, I would not limit my focus to just plumbing issues. Water leaking in around widows or siding, foundation. Water leaking from above (vent stack not properly flashed). Craw space below?


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