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Thread: bathroom remodel / resale question

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    Default bathroom remodel / resale question

    hello all,

    love this board...long time lurker, first time poster...

    so i've got a 1100sqft condo and i'm remodeling the hollywood bath.

    already torn out the walls that boxed in the tub and made it feel tiny

    attached is my new layout......i took out 1 toilet already and half the vanity space in order to get a bigger tub and a separate shower in the back.

    my question ?...now the idea of losing the 2nd vanity/sink in the back and making that whole area in the back a completely open shower is looking pretty good.

    is that crazy to cut the vanity/sink space down to 24" ? i've already bought 2 vanities and 2 sinks. i could return one set i guess...

    anyway...i guess the general question is does one giant, nice shower, tub , toilet trump vanity space?

    i'm just one single guy so i think it's a great idea. but if/when i ever sell this place will the small sink/vanity hurt me?


    this is a great board!

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