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Thread: bathroom remodel / resale question

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    Default bathroom remodel / resale question

    hello all,

    love this board...long time lurker, first time poster...

    so i've got a 1100sqft condo and i'm remodeling the hollywood bath.

    already torn out the walls that boxed in the tub and made it feel tiny

    attached is my new layout......i took out 1 toilet already and half the vanity space in order to get a bigger tub and a separate shower in the back.

    my question ?...now the idea of losing the 2nd vanity/sink in the back and making that whole area in the back a completely open shower is looking pretty good.

    is that crazy to cut the vanity/sink space down to 24" ? i've already bought 2 vanities and 2 sinks. i could return one set i guess...

    anyway...i guess the general question is does one giant, nice shower, tub , toilet trump vanity space?

    i'm just one single guy so i think it's a great idea. but if/when i ever sell this place will the small sink/vanity hurt me?


    this is a great board!

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    He I'm a DIY'er too. I'd consider a 6' tub. You could make the shower a little smaller, if you needed the space. Also, you want the drain in the middle of your shower floor - couldn't tell exactly where it was for sure. If you are going to do this work yourself (around here, you can't do plumbing or electrical in a multifamily dwelling without a license), then take a look at the Kerdi shower kit. You could use their kit made for a tub replacement. It gives you a great surface to tile to that goes up quick, and the walls are put up using normal drywall, not cement board. check out www.schluter.com and look at their video. Given the layout you have, I'd also consider glass walls for the shower 2' is pretty narrow. The glass would help make it seem more open. I'd also consider keeping the second vanity/sink. I don't think it would be a major factor in resale, but it might help. That's a small space. I also have a condo. My bathroom is between two bedrooms, and has no windows. Take a look at www.solatube.com . If you are on the top floor, and you can get permission to install it, their 10" tubular skylight is great. It might also work to put one in over the shower. Not sure about their optional light in that situation. On mine, it is amazing how much light comes in on the thing. On a bright moonlite night, there is enough light to find the toilet without turning on a light. Also, if you are tiling things, check out www.johnbridge.com
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    Well, separate soaking tubs and showers are all the rage these days. That's why a starter home is 3500 sq. ft and cost $550K. My personal opinion: for a small space the second vanity and more storage trump the tub. Neither I nor my wife has taken a bath in over 20 years. Just our preference.

    The set-up you propose makes nice eye candy on an open house when you sell it.

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    Default layout

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but my opinion is that you are putting 10 gallons of Jello into a five gallon bucket. The two foot "aisle" is going to be very confining and turn off many prospective buyers. If you have a door on shower it will have to fully open into that 2' space, so you may not be able to use more than about a 22" door which can appear small on a large shower. The two foot sink in a two foot aisle will be "confining, and just about useless so dump it.

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    I'm with hj, it's really too small.

    I think most codes require at least 30" for a lav anyway when it's between walls.

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    hey all,

    thanks for the opinions!

    just to clear up...

    i feel like i have actually made it much bigger by removing the 2 interior walls that held the tub....

    there was...from l to r...a door from the hall, a door/wall into middle where tub is, a door/wall out of middle where tub is, and a door in the back that leads into the walk-in closet. they would all slam into each other if you tried them all at once. i have actually gone on a door rebellion. the ONLY interior door left in my place is the one from the hall into the bathroom.

    the glass partition on the left would only be about vanity height, to separate the sink from the toilet.

    in the back, the glass block wall would be about 72" high by 24"...just to keep the shower water (somewhat) contained.

    so...no doors...

    knowing all this, HJ and Terry, you're saying i should dump the back vanity/glass wall and make it basically an open 5x5 shower ? it would all be tiled, so water splatter wouldn't be that big of a deal.

    i could just build a lip where the door is into the walk-in closet and put a shower curtain there...

    i like my tub, and it's already here and paid for only 32" x 20"high, but the ooollllddd one im removing was tiny...30" by 14" high


    if you could please clarify...big open shower or 1/2 size shower and 24" vanity


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