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Thread: Delta Tub and Shower Faucet

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    Default Delta Tub and Shower Faucet

    I recently had to replace the cartridge on our Delta single handle bathtub. I don't know the exact model of the Delta faucet but the cartridge that replaces it is a 1300/1400 series cartridge. The water was shut off and then first turned on the cold water after installing the new cartridge. No cold water came out, when turned on. I then turned on the hot water at the water heater and it seems I get both hot and cold in the mixer, but wonder if that is truly "cold" water. The cold water isnt really warm like this, it does feel cool.

    Shouldnt I get some cold water out of the faucet with a single handle Delta when only the cold water in the house is turned on? Or is their something in the way the mixer or pressure in the system has it to work requiring both cold and hot turned on in the house before getting cold out of the faucet?

    I know this is the way it was before I replaced the cartiridge but wondered if there is a setting on the cartridge that isnt set right. Shouldnt I still get cold water with only cold water turned on?

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    It's working like it is supposed to. That is part of the scald guard operation...it is operating off of the unbalanced pressure.
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    Talking they never work the same

    I have bought some of those cheap ass replacement cartridges made in tiawan or who knows where...

    they never work as well as the original.. never work well at all.

    I actally carry around with me a few 1300 faucet bodies and when I need a cartridge I would rather rob the faucet than use some after market knock off

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    Default delta

    You could spring for a couple more dollars when you buy them and get genuine Delta cartridges. If EITHER the hot or cold water is turned off to a pressure balance valve both sides will shut off. If the water is off on one side the pressure is zero and the pressure balancer slides to the other side to make its pressure ZERO also.

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    The cartridge is pressure balanced. Unless you have equal pressure on both the cold AND the hot side, it shouldn't allow any water thru.
    Sounds like it's operating (mostly) normal.


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