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Thread: Anode rod replacement in water heater

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    Default Anode rod replacement in water heater

    In Feb 1997, I heard a new noise in the house from my kitchen that was coming from the basement. You guessed it, my water heater blew its top. I had it replaced with the same kind - a Ruudglas Master gas water heater, Model M40S-2.

    The previous water heater lasted about 11 years with a 5 year warranty, but this time I requested a 10 year warranty. The town water folks told me that they are essentially the same - i.e. no difference.

    So, since this water heater is now 8+ years old, and drained yearly, is it too late to get a new anode rod to extend its life? What interval replacement schedule for the anode rod can extend the life of the water heater, and for how long is it good for?

    -- Tom

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    Talking Anode Rod

    you are probably wasteing your time...

    It can nearly be impossible to get an anode rod
    out of a heater that old.......

    it usually takes a heavy duty socket and a cheater bar

    also its good to have someone holding the heater in

    place to make sure you doesent move under the strain...

    but if you are lucky and can get it out,

    just the banging on that nut and effort you make

    to wrench that old nut out probably will do more damage than good

    to the 8 year old glass lineing

    The rod helps extend the life out to a certain length, 6-10 years
    depending how big a rod was installed in the unit...

    after 10 years its all a guestimation how long the unit will last.

    leave sleeping dogs lie.
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