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Thread: Toto toilet seat

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    Default Toto toilet seat

    I'm about to buy a Toto MS854114SG toilet. The problem is the seat is so uncomfortable. Does anybody know if Kohler or other name brand seats have the same contour as the bowl?

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    You may buy any seat you want and install it.
    Basically the choices are Round or, Elongated...

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    The differences will be color matching and exact curves, but unless you have a really strange toilet, a standard round or elongated will fit. The key to the Toto seat is to not sit on the edge...fully plant your butt and most people find it okay...sit on an edge, and it will not be comfortable. Planting yourself there will also tend to minimize skid marks, too.
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    You can order the SS214 found on other Toto toilets, it's more expensive but is flat.
    We will open an Ultimate box and take out the seat and sell it less seat.

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    My wife didn't like our Toto seat at first. It's like a new pair of shoes, after a few days, you forget there is any difference... She never mentions it any more...
    Try it, you'll like it....


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