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Thread: Ultramax vs. Carlyle; ADA vs. Standard; Sanagloss vs. no?

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    Default Ultramax vs. Carlyle; ADA vs. Standard; Sanagloss vs. no?

    Well, the title says it all... I'm just about ready to take the plunge (pardon the expression) into the world of water-saving toilets.

    We have narrowed it down to the Ultramax and Carlyle (which I understand are pretty much the same toilet except for cosmetics, correct?), and now we are debating whether to get an ADA height (our contractor says it's more comfortable and, as we get older, we'll appreciate it more... I'm not sure) and if the Sanagloss is worth getting.

    Any ideas, opinions, experiences, suggestions, etc.???

    Many thanks.

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    Sounds like you contractor is steering you in the right direction..
    The sanigloss is well worth it in keeping the bowl clean.

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    I think of it as a frying pan, you have regular and teflon coated both will get dirty but the teflon will stay clean longer and is easier to clean.
    I think ADA is the best ,my Mother 5'1" went to the hospital with joint pain and since our toilets are ADA didn't understand why a hospital wouldn't be because it was painful to get up and down from a normal height toilet.
    I like the look of a skirted toilet cleaner looking but with the plastic Uni-fit rough people complain because you can hear a dripping noise when your adding waste to the bowl. Once you flush it levels off and stops (but some people still don't like it).

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    Default Thanks!!

    Thanks for the input... it looks like the Carlyle isn't worth the hassle, as I've also read it requires a 7" offset from center for the water supply, which would probably necessitate moving that, which, with out setup, is DEFINITELY not worth it. But sounds like the consensus is go with ADA and SaniGloss.

    Again, many thanks.


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