Okay, here's my dilema.

Currently we are putting new cabinets in our kitchen. We are going to put a nice stone backsplash in afterwards. I didn't like the idea of having my outlets in the backsplash for looks reasons. (I'm kinda picky that way, we're using nice tile and I'd rather see more of that).

Anyway, some internet searching revealed that a lot of people will surface mount wiremold boxes underneath. Also some have done the plug mold (long strips). Also, Hubbel has some new nice looking surface mount angled boxes designed just for this purpose: (http://hutt-online.com/osc/gfci-unde...et-p-2117.html)

I'm an electrical engineer. I do a lot of controls/PLC type of work so I am familiar with reading the NEC but I am no expert on the residential stuff. From what I can determine, outlets can be mounted in any way as long as they are no further than 20" from the top of the counter top. In fact, after doing some digging on line, the value was changed from 18" to 20" so people could mount things under the cabinet.

My question comes in here: I contacted our local inspector and asked him my question. He said if it's in the back splash it has to be 20" or less from the counter, but if it's under the cabinet, it can be no more than 12" from the counter. This makes no sense, and I'm wondering if he thought I was asking if I could put them in the lower cabinet. I didn't call him back yet because I thought I would see if I could find more information and a better way to explain it to him over the phone first.

Does anyone know of any issues with doing this? Is it possible that some local nonsense random code trumps the NEC? I know it might look a little funny with cords hanging down from under the cabinets, but the only thing we leave plugged in full time is the coffee maker. Everything else is unplugged and put away when not in use.

Any advice appreciated
Thanks, Robb