Recently had the house rewired. Had an early morning wake-up call from the Pacific Gas and Electric SWAT team today saying that I'm sending current down their gas line!

They came in and saw that the house has been grounded to the gas pipe from the street just before it goes into the meter. This also connects to a new ground rod I had to have installed. I also have a connection on the main water pipe again with a ground rod. Need 2 grounds to keep San Francisco inspectors happy.

The PG&E guy told me I have to move the ground connection to the other side of the meter so it is on the pipe coming out of the meter feeding the house rather than on the main feed going into the meter. They say the meter acts as a breaker so this is fine for them (i.e. won't be sending anything down the gas main).

This all leads me to ask several questions

How the heck did PG&E know I had a ground on the pipe (what were their sensors picking up?)
The meter acts as a breaker? Really? How would that work?
If the meter does really act as a breaker then surely that would defeat the point of me attaching ground to the gas pipe coming out of the meter (i.e. it wouldn’t be grounded?!).

Strange morning. Does anyone have a clue about this stuff or can point me in the right direction?