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Thread: old bathtub and fixtures has no shower head

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    Default old bathtub and fixtures has no shower head

    Currently our new house (built 1933) has the original tub with original faucet and knobs. The previous owners attached a shower head via a plastic hose from the faucet head and attached higher for shower use. It has really bad water pressure and I'm wondering if it is a symptom of the hose and shower head or the plumbing of the older house. Not sure what the plumbing is like behind the wall - copper pipes exist in the basement.

    A. How can I find a different shower head that works the same - connected to faucet via a hose OR
    B. I would have to remove the tile and plaster wall to install actual plumbing to install a present-day shower head. correct?

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    Talking Change It Out

    you are probably ahead of the game to
    just change the faucet and install a Delta

    fooling around with something that is basically already
    rigged up is jsut a waste of time --- unless you plan on gutting
    that bathroom and starting over sometime soon...

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    Default Ugh - not what I wanted to hear

    We're planning on totally gutting this bathroom as well as the adjacent master bath - making a large main bath and walk in closet for master bedroom. And then building onto the house to make a master bath. But this probably won't happen for 2-3 years. I guess, I'll just suck it up and have poor water pressure until we renovate.



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