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    Default Hot Tub Installation

    I have a few questions about running a 240 v 60 amp service for a Hot Tub.
    My service panel is located in the basement and the Hot Tub will be on my deck attached to the house. The run in the basement is 30 ft, to where I go thru to the outside under my deck then another 15 ft to the tub. My plan was to run 6/3 ROMEX® from my panel to a weather-tite "J" box then use #6 THHN (4 wires 2 hot, 1 neutral, 1 ground) in PVC conduit to a weather-tite SPA panel with a 60 amp GFCI located within 7 feet of the Hot Tub, then the use liquidtight, flexible nonmetallic conduit to the Hot Tub.
    My concern is: Do I need to have an insulated ground from the Hot Tub back to my main panel in the basement or just to the SPA panel that is located 7 ft from the Hot Tub? If so then I would need to use THHN in conduit all the way.

    Also if I can use 6/3 ROMEX® in the basement, the bear ground in 6/3 ROMEX® is only 12 AWG. Will this be an issue with proper grounding?

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