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Thread: Proper Caulk/sealant for shower surround

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    Default Proper Caulk/sealant for shower surround

    I've read some rave reviews on this site for Lexel sealant. I have a shower system (purchased at a big box) and I need to seal all of the seams (between the walls, and between the base and walls.

    My local ACE only carries the Lexel Clear. Before I run all over town looking for Lexel White, I'm curious if this is the recommended solution for my application. I notice that Sashco also makes a mildew free sealant.

    I considered using the clear in the deep crevices in the seams that would be unseen, and then going over it with a standard white caulk, but don't know if that is a good idea or not. Interested in feedback.

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    Caulk doesn't perform well when the depth significantly exceeds the width. If you have deep pockets, use some foam backer rods to fill in behind, then caulk on top of it. You'll save on material costs and improve the outcome as well.

    As to the best choice...can't help.
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