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Thread: tee or 90 on septic inlet accident

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    Default advice needed on septic tank inlet pipe

    i had a break on main inlet going into septic tank. hired a guy to come pump out tank and dig out old inlet pipe. to save money he told me to fix the line myself and he would come back and re cover tank and line. he told me to put a tee on the end of the inlet pipe. by my not listening very well and also listening to a neighbor friend of mine who says he has done septic work and also my haste to get this project done i slipped up and put a 90 degree elbow on the pipe instead. just got finished with putting concrete around new pipe when the guy showed back up to to fill in and cover up the tank. he noticed my mistake, did not have a tee with him, acted if he was in a hurry to get to get things covered back up and did not seem to want to wait for me to go get a tee and replace the 90 with the tee. the maximum time it would have taken me to run to the hardware store and get a tee and fix that mistake would have been 30 minutes. he seemed not too bothered by it but i had the 90 pointed down towards the bottom of the tank he said that i needed to turn the pipe sidways instead of pointed down. as i said before he seemed to be in a hurry to get things covered back up and i do know time is money to repair guys like him. so with out doubting him at the moment i let him cover it up. now i am wondering if and what kind of problems i might expect from this mistake. should i call this guy to come back and put a tee? should i call someone else to come and uncover the tank for me and put a tee? or is every thing gonna be ok with this?!?!
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