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Thread: Water Leaking From Side Of Tub

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    Default Water Leaking From Side Of Tub

    We cannot find where the water is leaking from. After a shower, it is coming out of the connection between front side of tub and wall. It will slowing run/drip down side of tub onto floor. It has now been noticed leaking from our kitchen ceiling (directly below bathroom) if you take a shower that is longer than 5-10 minutes. We have tried new caulking around tub, and the pre-made self-adhesive strips you place around seam of tub and wall. Any help would be SO GREATLY appreciated. This problem has occurred infrequently when we bought the house a year ago, but now has gotten out of control. We do have two converters from faucet to shower head. One you pull up from the bathtub faucet, and one you push in on the shower faucet.

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    I'd try to see if the plumbing in the wall is leaking. See if you can take the showerhead off and plug up that pipe with a cap. Turn on the water and let it sit for awhile. See if you get water leaking out. If you don't, then your plumbing is probably good. Look for cracked grout in the tile, or areas that the caulking has degenerated and fix that. If neither of those help, it is time to start tearing things apart. Hopefully, you have an inside wall where you can cut out the drywall without messing up tile, etc. and try to see where things are leaking. Good luck...My unprofessional opinion.
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