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Thread: Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

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    Default Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

    Is there a big difference (other than price) between an 18 gauge vs 16 gauge stainless steel sink? Are scratches easier to buff out of a 16 gauge sink?

    Also, anyone have any experience with Ticor stainless steel sinks?


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    The heavier gauge (lower number) means that the metal is thicker. It should be harder to dent if you dropped something. Scratches...that would depend on the alloy - not all SS alloys are the same. It takes a lot more work to bend heavier gauge metal into the desired shape, but it also means that there's more metal thickness where it gets stretched most therefore it's stronger. A deep sink may require heavier gauge so there's enough metal once it is shaped. A heavier gauge sink may end up being quieter (won't ring as much) when used with a garbage disposer.
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