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    My house was built in the late 80's and and recently my shower (no bathtub/diverter) was leaking from the shower head unless the handle was seated straight down. So thinking it need a new handle I ran out and bought the replacement kit for the new handle. Once I got everything apart it became apparent that the washers were actually causing the problem. So I went back to lowes and bought a kit that included the washers, ball, etc... I am thinking that the ball was the RP212. The one I took out was plastic and appeared to be just a tade smaller than the brass one. So anyway in my effort to install the new stuff I created a leak in the three cooper pipes behind the circular metal piece that you screw the ball assembly into. So I had to call a plumber who was able to solder the pipes and stop the leakes without cutting open the wall and replacing the valve. So here is the problem. Now that everything is put back together the operation of the handle is very tight and there is very little rangne in controlling the hot and cold mix. In addtion the water pressure coming out of the shower is not as strong as it was before the replacement. It is almost like the ball is to big. Is the RP212 the right part. Also is there anything else I can screw onto the valve to just replace the whole thing without replacing the valve? Don't really want to cut a whole in the wall. In one of your other posting you mention the Delta 1700 series. Could I replace it with that without replacing the whole valve. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    If your plumber had to solder the 3 tubes behind the chrome sleeve, then I would choose to replace the entire unit with something of better quality. Delta makes a renovation plate that will cover any large hole in your tile specifically made for replacing your existing valve.

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    If you used Delta genuine parts, there is only one sized ball. But you are describing a problem with the adjustment of the ring which tightens the "packing" washer. Too tight and it does not move smoothly, too loose and it leaks from under the handle. You must have found a good plumber, because in this area, I think I am the only one who repairs that problem. Other plumbers either replace the valve, or they call me.


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