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Thread: New Bathroom Fan Timer Switch

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    What does the red wire hook to in the fan jbox then?

    In the fan Jbox, wire the black to black, whites to whites, and red to the ex fan (the black lead going to the receptacle
    Think of the circuit. Follow the circuit.

    The power come into the fan on the black wire.
    It travels to the switch on the black wire.
    It comes back from the switch on the red wire.
    it goes to the fan recep on the black wire.
    When the fan is plugged it, it travels thru the motor and out the white, thru the recep into the jb and back to the panel.

    may i ask where did you guys learn all these info? just by reading?
    I'm old. I know stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 220/221 View Post
    What I love so much about these DIY sites is that someone who can't grasp the idea of a simple single pole switch but yet we are going to tell that person how to be messing with enough energy to kill theirself.

    After the second post the only advice this person should be getting is------Hire an electrician before you do some damage


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