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Thread: American Standard shower control leaking

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    Default American Standard shower control leaking

    I remodeled my bathroom 12 years ago and installed a new American Standard single handle shower control (the kind that looks sort of like a tongue depressor). I noticed recently that it was dripping from the shower head (about one drop every nine seconds) and so I replaced the ceramic cartridge with a new one (American Standard PN 023529-007A, cartridge kit including seals). Much to my chagrin, the dripping continues at about the same rate, even with the new cartridge and seals. Can you suggest anything else I might check that could be causing this leak?

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    Being American (sub)Standard it may be the whole valve body. Not machined right or what have you.

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    Default American Standard shower Faucet leaking

    Thanks Kingostall for your reply.

    Since the valve is 12 years old and has functioned fine until recently, I suspect the problem is with an internal seal (but I'm guessing). Having replaced the ceramic cartridge, the only other part that I can find on the parts diagram is the "Pressure Balance Unit" which also appears to contain some O ring seals (I referred to the parts diagram for a model R 120, which this appears to be). Could leakage past one of those seals cause this kind of problem (dripping from the shower head)? Is there any way I can test or repair this without a total replacement of the pressure balance unit (the O rings don't seem to be available separetly, only come as a complete assembly with the PBU)?




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