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Thread: drip irrigation with 1/2" copper pipe

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    Default drip irrigation with 1/2" copper pipe

    I want to install a drip irrigation system, but the available pipes are only 1/2" copper. (Tapping into the main line would involve ripping a new driveway, so it's not an option.) Will the system work if I use an adapter between the 1/2" and a 3/4" control valve? I have fairly high water pressure--85 api.


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    If you stick to drip and limit your branches to ~ 4g/min you should be ok. You probably can get higher flow rates in your 1/2" pipe, but its not recommended to exceed flow velocities of 7 ft/sec (water hammer and other problems).

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    Default drip irrigation with 1/2" copper pipe

    Thanks! I'm planning on using a regulator to step down the water pressure to a level that will work with a drip system. Will this also reduce the flow velocity to a level that will avoid water hammer or other problems you mentioned?

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