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Thread: Circuit breaker keeps tripping

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    Dave, please don't tell me you expected more of me because I am a woman. What this person wants to do takes more knowledge than this PERSON, has;, man or woman, if you don't have it and if it is very noticeable the best action is exactly to be honest with them. I know this is a DIY site, but that does not give anyone the right to let a person injure theirself. Dave it is just the right thing to do. I would not anyone to get hurt. You can also say on a DIY to seek the correct help...an electrican or some one skilled enough. Who will do the actual work. You can't possibly not understand that.

    I remember when you came aboard and Frenchie was giving you a rip-roaring hard time, I spoke up for you because it was very noticeable the wonderful work you were doing on the pictures, and you seemed to be perfect in knowing what you were doing.

    I was honest, and I dont expect to be insulted for it.

    I would not want to see this person add a dedicated line reason..... the reason? Read what was said first line,,,"Hi, new here and don't know a bunch about electricity but will try to be concise." Should this person be in a circuit box/panel?
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    Shutting them off & telling them they can't do it without knowing anything about them is wrong

    I've learned thru DIY sites (not this one), research & my NEC code book
    DIY Handyman (not 4 hire)
    I have enough to do to my own house


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