OK, I think I have all my venting figured out for my basement bathroom, so now I am moving onto the supply lines. I have come up with a configuration that will allow me to feed the tub/shower, toilet and sink without crossing vents or supply lines.

Here is what I was planning:

Basically, I was going to run 3/4" supply lines everywhere, then stub out with 1/2". The main supply for that bathroom will run about 4 feet before it turns down the wall. In the picture the horizontal runs are about 5 or 6 feet.

From a book I have, it tells me the toilet stubout should be 8" above the floor, and the sink stubouts 19". Should I add an inch to these numbers to account for a finished floor?

Is 3/4" everywhere overkill? Should I supply the toilet and sink with 1/2"?

On a final note, my drain for the sing is about 17" above the floor, is that ok?

Any help would be appreciated.