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Thread: Does Toto Drake CST744S come with C744E bowl model ?

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    Default Does Toto Drake CST744S come with C744E bowl model ?

    I would like to ask this forum opinions on a matter related to the bowl model sold with the Toto Drake CST744S (1.6 GPF) toilet.
    I bought three Toto Drake CST744S toilets from specialty plumbing store in Ottawa ON. During the purchase I specifically asked for the Toto Drake model CST744S toilet. Also, I mentioned to the sales person the model of tank (ST743S) and bowl(C744S) corresponding to Toto Drake CST744S toilet (I've got the info from the totousa.com website: I could not find a Toto web site about products they sell in Canada ).
    However, the store delivered the bowl model C744E (made in Vietnam) and the tank model ST743S (made in Mexico).
    When I raised my concerns about the bowl model C744E(which is supposed to be sold as part of Toto Eco Drake CST744E - the 1.28 GPF model- using E-Max technology as opposed to G-Max technology used by CST744S) I was initially told the "E" stands for "elongated", then the sales person told me Toto discontinued the bowl model C744S and replaced it with the model C744E starting February 2009. He also assured me the two bowl models are exactly the same.
    Now I wonder if the two bowls models are in reality the same and only the names Toto used for them were different for marketing purposes, or they are 2 different bowls: one (C744S) optimized for 1.6 GPF and the other one (C744E) for 1.28 GPF.
    My point is they delivered to me a different toilet bowl model from the one I paid for. My understanding is the CST744S (C744S bowl + ST743S tank ) model proved over the time that is working well and I'm concerned the combination of C744E bowl and ST743S tank may not work as well (or at least is not proved over the time to work well).
    Also, I think it would have been fair for the sales person to let me know upfront the Toto Drake CST744S comes with bowl model C744E instead of just reacting when I noticed the difference.
    I'm a DIY person but I do not have to much experience with plumbing and I never used/installed a Toto toilet before (I installed/fixed few American Standard toilets during my DIY "career") .
    Please let me know if you experienced same issue in the past 2 months buying/installing a Toto Drake CST744S toilet?
    Should I trust the sales person story about Toto discontinuing the bowl model C744S ?
    Is any of the forum readers/contributors aware about Toto discontinuing the bowl model C744S or did he use/install bowl model C744E in combination with tank model ST743S?
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