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    I thought I'd start a new thread since I have a new question. I'm still on the hunt for a water softener but in talking to one company today about our water and how quickly the filter gets dirty he suggested a sand separator (filter). He suggested one with a ball valve and when water hits the T it would cyclone and the smaller particles would be sucked to the bottom. Also there would be a check valve on it and the ball valve would be cracked a small amount with a hose (or pvc) coming off of it to drain the sediment.

    So it would go Well - Sand Sep - Pressure tank - Filter - Softener

    Is it worth a shot? Here is a pic of our filter after 1 week.
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    I don't think we have sand. The sand separator was just suggested to pull some of our bigger sediments down (and out). However, I am beginning to realize all the larger chunks were a result of chlorination.

    I am now wondering if we shouldn't just install a second filter before the softener and hope that is enough.

    And I'm sure this is a cheaper filter (from a local store).



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