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Thread: Troubleshooting

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    How does a homeowner go about troubleshooting well/pressure tank system? I havent the slightest idea where to begin.

    We have decent pressure for an older house with galvanized pipes but we seem to run out of water at times. If we fill the horse trough with a hose, we will run out of water after about 10 minutes. Not a drop from the tap!

    I assume it has to do with the water table and an old well but it seems to quickly recover. Within 5 minutes of running out of water, we will be up and running again.

    Any thoughts?

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    You didn't say but I assume a submersible pump.

    The pump could be overheating and the thermal overload opens to shut it off.

    The well water level could be falling to the inlet of the pump.

    So you need to figure out if the pump is running when there is no water or not.
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    Start by telling us what kind of well you have, what kind of pump etc.


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    Here are a few simple things that may get you a better informed answer.

    1: submersible pump or jet pump?
    2: age of well if known?
    3: depth of well if known?
    4: diameter of well if known?
    5: voltage of pump if known?
    6: brand of pump/controller if known?
    7: size of tank if known?
    8: The more details you can give. The more we can help.

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