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Thread: Washing Machine Leak

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    Default Washing Machine Leak

    My husband and I just purchased our first home that was built in 1985. The washing machine had a pretty bad leak into our garage when I ran it on Saturday night.

    The leak seems to be coming from at least one of the two 'spickets'(I think that they might be called valve handles) and we are not quite sure how to fix it. How do we go about this?

    Also, is it possible that there could be a leak somewhere in the wall, even though we see wet areas around where the two hot/cold valves are?

    Thanks so much! We are kind of scared that this might have been a long term leak that the inspectors missed.

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    Default valves

    It is a leak that the inspectors would only have found if the washing machine had been connected and the water was turned on to it. Some of those leaks can be cured by tightening the packing nut under the handle. If not, then the mechanism has to be replaced. Sometimes just the operating parts can be replaced if you can get new valves that are exactly like the old ones, otherwise you may have to open the wall and replace the entire valve.

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    If it only leaks when you run the washer, I doubt if the hot or cold valve is defective. They are pressurized even when the washer is off. You would have a constant leak. Water flow is controlled by an internal solenoid-operated valve. Turn the valves clockwise to shut off the water, fill the machine with a garden hose, run it and then see if it leaks then. At what point in the wash cycle do you see the water in the garage? If it is when the machine empties, then possibly, the drain is leaking. Are you sure the leak is not from inside the machine? That would go under the floor into the garage.

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    It appears to be leaking even when the washer is shut off. My husband kept tightening the valve until it eventually stopped. The washer itself is not leaking, that is for sure...


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