It's happened again.

2 years ago we had the main line back up. We had it hydro jetted and camera'd from the cleanout in the middle of the yard. He went from the cleanout to the main sewer line in the street. He went backwards some, too with the jetting line, but wasn't able to get the camera to go in that way. So, we don't know how far he REALLY got between the house and the cleanout, nor do we know what that line looks like.

Cause was mostly roots and a bunch of grease. (We had just moved in a few months before. Grease wasn't from us.) Neighbors told us that less than a year prior, a tree was cut down that had been right over the lateral. I've been told roots from it can grow up to 8 years.

The stack is CI, and the sewer lateral is 6" clay from what I was told. It wasn't in bad shape at the time. (No big cracks found, or holes, etc)

Now again the main line is backing up. Same time of year. Actually within 2 weeks of when it happened 2 years ago.

I'm thinking I really have 2 options;

1. Have the line opened with a cable-type drain cleaner
2. Have the line hydro jetted again, but this time with them going up on the roof as well and getting the whole line for sure, and camera-ing from there as well.

I have no cleanouts besides the one in the yard. The old closet bend under the one toilet we have is pretty tight, and I think it'd be a real pain to go in from there. So I'm thinking the roof is the best option.

I'm being told ~$250 or so to just auger it from the roof. ~$750 for hydrojetting it from the roof with the camera as well.

Wondering if you guys think it'd be worth the difference to have it jetted.

Or, should I just have it augured and start a schedule of normal Root-X application?

What would you do in this situation?

Any input appreciated.