Wife and I want to install a custom shower. We want to install a wall head, a ceiling head and a hand shower; maybe a couple of body sprayers if the cost does not get too out of hand. We want to control all 3 (or 4) components with separate on/off valves after the main so that we can have complete functionality. The main valve we want to be the thermostatic control type that always keeps the temp the same (someone flushing the toilet makes it super hot, want to fix that).

I have gone out to different sites like moen, kohler, grohe etc. and have seen the kits, but man, expensive, and I donít know if I want the heads that comes with those kits. Plus most do not come with the valves. So my noobie question is this, can I go out and buy any brand of valve, thermostatic and on/off, and then buy the trim or does the trim and valve have to come from the same company? Is there a recommended lower cost way of doing this where I do not have to buy all the valves and trim from the same company?

Also, looking at several brands: Alsons, American Standard, Grohe, Hansgrohe, kohler, Latoscana, Moen. Which should I avoid.