I went to home creepo & got a Workforce 20" tile cutter. It scores & snaps great, but the built-in guide fence is not square to the blade. Its off by 1/8" on a 16" tile.

Its hard enough just eyeballing where the cut will be, because the guide is not centered either.

Is this what I should expect from a $30 tool nowadays?

Also the ruler is metric...

The guide fence is screwed directly into the base of the machine... I suppose I could widen the holes in the base & use longer bolts with washers, and snug it tight after adjusting it.

What a PITA !!! Hardly worth it for a couple dozen cuts.

Does anyone have a method of somehow setting a ruler down the line you want to cut & SEEING it? The guide rods & cutter handle are in the way; I can't easily see the edge of the blade at the same time as I hold a ruler to it.