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Thread: Toto ultramax, ADA or not. Rough in ? also.

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    Default Toto ultramax, ADA or not. Rough in ? also.

    Doing a bathroom project. Looking at the Toto ultramax with elongated bowl. Having a hard time deciding between the ADA or not.

    Does the 2" height difference make a big difference in comfort?

    Also this is shown as a 12" rough-in. The spec sheet references this as 12" from the studs to center of waste pipe. Is this correct or is it 12" from the drywall?



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    The standard is 12" from finished wall to center of drain.

    12" from the finished wall to the center of the drain will leave 3/4" behind the tank.
    It will work at 11-1/4" also.

    ADA height is easier for people with bad joints and sore backs.
    If you have both heights in the home, you may find yourself seeking out the taller bowl.

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    You might consider this. An ordinary dining room chair is the same height as ADA. I would recommend ADA to anyone except very short people.

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    I have both currently and would like to switch the bowl on the non ADA to the ADA bowl. The next toilet going in will also be ADA as well. The non ADA is like falling into a hole after using the taller one.
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    This makes my decision easier.



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