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Thread: Supply line size

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    Default Supply line size

    I am in the middle of replacing my water supply line from the meter to the house. I was originally going to replace with a 3/4" line. However the meter itself only has 1/2" line running through it. Would it make any sence to attach a 3/4" line from the meter to my house if what comes before it is 1/2"?

    Thanks! Hope my question is clear.

    Can you attach a 3/4" line to a 1/2" meter? The nut for the compression fitting attaching to the meter says something like "dresser type L 3/4" I was assuming that 3/4 meant you could go up to a 3/4" line?
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    The size of the meter has little to do with the size of pipe you need. The length of the pipe determines the size. If it were a 1,000' feet you might need a 1 1/2" pipe with that 1/2" meter. The coupling probably means it is for type "L" copper tubing or a "copper tube sized" plastic pipe.

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    Thanks for your reply.


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