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Thread: Few questions on bathroom remodel

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    Default Few questions on bathroom remodel

    Hello all, couple questions about a bathroom remodel I'm in the middle of.

    1. I'm putting in a double sink vanity where there once was only a single sink. When I extend the drain to the left the farthest drain will be 46"-ish away from the stack. The drain pipe that is currently there is 1 1/2", so I'm assuming thats too far without a separate vent? If I do have to vent it up and back to the main stack, won't my 2x4s be like swiss cheese? It's worth mentioning that they do have to be furred out 2 1/4" to make the room the proper width for the tub (they were previously furred out 1 1/2").

    2. The tub is being moved 18" to the right, which means that 1 1/2" drain pipe will obviously be farther away from the stack, 51" away to be exact. I'm assuming I have to add a vent, but I'm wondering if I can tie in to that 2" vent line (from the bathroom below) or if I have to go to the stack? Also, how close to the tub drain do I have to be?

    3. What is the best way to tie copper into Polybutylene? My house was all PB when constructed. With each area remodeled I replace it with copper, but I do need to tie into PB on this project.

    Just an FYI, Jefferson County has adopted the 2006 International Plumbing Code, if that helps. I'd go to the library and look up my answers, but I'm stuck at home for awhile.

    Thanks for any help,
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    i know you can use shark bites that join lines together just by pushing them in. i used them to join new pex lines to old copper lines. They have all kinds of fittings, couplers, etc. and they even rotate and you can buy a tool to remove them if you mess up. It is a little scary how easy it is, but I haven't had any problems.

    good luck with your other stuff.

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    Thanks, but Shark Bites don't show Polybutylene as one of their approved pipe types. Stinks, cause they are easy to use.

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    How about some help on those venting questions? Anyone, anyone? Bueller, Bueller?

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    Here are two ways of running the waste and vent.
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    Thanks Terry. I was going to just throw another drain to the left of the original and vent it, but I suppose that would create a siphoning affect on the downstream p-trap.

    Thanks again.


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