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Thread: square drain help

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    Default square drain help

    Hi all,

    I'm redoing my shower and would like to put in a square drain. I've found one at lowe's, but the clamping ring has 4 holes, whereas my current one has only 3, and I'd like to avoid ripping out the whole drain. Any ideas where I can find a square drain with a 3 hole clamping ring? I have a lowes, ace, home depot, and fergusons around here, with a few places, but I'm not opposed to online.

    Thanks for your help. Let me know if I'm not using the right terminology. I think my 3 hole clamping ring had a different size so I couldn't just swap parts iwth the new square drain with 4 hole clamping ring.

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    Sounds like you are trying to mix-and-match. That never works.

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    Default drain

    Even if you found one, there is no guarantee the bolt pattern would be the same. There are NO standards so each company makes its own design.


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