I'm having a hard time finding an answer by searching.

I have a house that's about three years old and over the last few months the sewage pump has failed to turn on three times, causing minor flooding in the unfinished basement. When it fails, I can lightly kick the discharge pipe and the pump starts immediately. It's a green Zoeller pump, but I can't determine the model number. If I had to guess based on the shape of the top and the price point of the home, I would say it's probably an N57. It has a separate float switch, but I don't have the slightest idea how to determine what brand it is.

Is it a fairly safe assumption that this is a problem with the switch? What would cause the switch to fail very occasionally? If so, is the answer to change it with the Rhombus VerticalMaster switch? Are these commonly found? I called the big plumbing supply place I've used before and they are not a distributor.

I think I'll also install an alarm. Any recommendations?

Any guidance here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.